Our Trainings

We believe in building equitable and respectful community organizing practices, getting to the root of the matter, uplifting intersectionality, and furthering a healing path. Understanding the impacts of the power and privilege structures of colonialism, racism, patriarchy, and capitalism is essential. Additionally, committing to healing practices both in our work and our lives is essential to the longevity and joy of the work before us.

Our trainings, workshops, and camps are not exclusive to Indigenous peoples; rather our leadership model is shaped from an Indigenous worldview, which emphasizes deep acknowledgment of place-based knowledge and the joy and responsibility of building community.


“As a nonprofit environmental law firm in Alaska, we work with many coalitions and represent diverse interests. Native Movement is a valued partner and the decolonization trainings they provide are essential. Our Board and staff have done at least one of the trainings and it is so helpful for unlearning dominant culture norms and becoming/being aware of unconscious bias. Learning and unlearning with Native Movement is always effective, but especially in our current political culture.” - Vicki Clark, Executive Director, Trustees for Alaska


"The decolonization training helped our group of Indigenous and non-Indigenous researchers and community leaders get centered in the history of colonial relations and decolonial efforts in Alaska. It also helped us experience in a personal way what the impact of colonial processes was on tribes. Several members of our group incorporated aspects of the training into their work with Indigenous youth. I would recommend this training to anyone who is interested in partnering with Indigenous communities and organizations so that they can have a shared understanding of history and its affects on current day relationships." - Noor Johnson, Research Scientist, National Snow and Ice Data Center, University of Colorado Boulder


“Native Movement's decolonization workshop had a profound impact on the way I understand the shape of white supremacy and the conservation movement. It offered a powerful way forward toward building up communities and supporting each other on our path of healing and justice. Everyone needs to go…twice!” -Veri di Suvero, Anchorage community organizer